“I must say that I had a fantastic first time wrap experience with Janet! She’s very kind, friendly, and just an all-around lovely person! Janet made me feel at ease during the treatment and I didn’t feel self-conscious or embarrassed at all! She’s very easy-going and extremely easy to talk to. She taught me a lot about the medical history and the benefits of the treatments as well. The treatments were very relaxing and I felt fantastic afterwards. I loved the treatments so much that I ended up purchasing a package for both the wraps and the infrared sauna. I cannot wait until my next appointment.”
Sandra M.

“This process detoxifies, slims, firms and tones with each wrap. I definitely felt a change after each session (inside and out). Very satisfied with the experience !! 5 Stars !!!”
Shayne C.

“I enjoyed the wrap and was able to relax. Afterwards, I did feel lighter, and rather refreshed!”
Adrianna A.

“My goal is not weight loss it’s to tightening my skin, I went to see Janet yesterday for a body wrap, and this morning I notice a difference in my legs and stomach, can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank you so much Janet.”
Dora S.

“Thanks for a great experience, I am looking forward to my next wrap – and the acupuncture bed was great!”
Myrna E.

“What a great treat. I had a body wrap with Janet and it was just a great experience. She is very professional and does make you feel comfortable.
Claudia F.

“I passed my measurements this morning–thanks for your help!”
Stephanie B.

“Hi Janet, just wanted to let you know that I passed my measurements!”
Veronica P.

“Hi Janet. So grateful to let you know that I passed my measurements.”
Wendy P.

“I passed my weigh-ins!!”
Rosalyn N.

“Janet, thanks for the great experience last week. I passed my weigh in and know the wrap gave me the little extra I needed. Thanks again.”
Kristi G.

“Thank you very much Janet I passed my taping.”
Nick S.

“I had such a great experience. Janet is Awesome. She made me feel completely comfortable and not embarrassed of my body at all (which I normally am). She was so sweet and really made sure I was taken care of. I walked out feeling so good. So glad I found her!”
Heather N.

“SO this being my first time experience I wasn’t sure on A. how the results will turn out B. what exactly I will be enduring. Luckily the wrap itself was only 45 mins and if you include the sauna blanket its an added 45 mins (which I can’t wait to try). As for the endurance I got the b5/niacin wrap, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to my skin. The atmosphere is very relaxing and soothing which is key when you are wrapped in plastic! haha And as for Janet she is sweet as pie!!! Very professional and informative that way you don’t feel like you getting into something you are not comfortable with. I am so please[d] with my experience I bought a set of 3 wraps and one sauna blanket (which I get to do today)!”
Tiffany L.

“I really enjoyed my first body wrap. Mona gave me my service and is super cool and great to talk to. I’ve also had a pleasant experience making appointments online via email and on the phone. I had an infared sauna wrap followed by the detox wrap, both were my first time. I thought i would be so uncomfortable during the sauna blanket but it surprisingly isn’t that bad. I’m about to have my second wrap done and hoping to have more good results!”
Tess M.

“I met Janet at networking event and purchased one of her clay products. It was inexpensive, worked beautifully as a mask, one of the best I’ve ever used. Then I learned of her other talents and just experienced the Far-Infared Sauna and body wrap last week. Janet was professional, knowledgeable and friendly to work with. I rested during both treatments and left feeling like a new woman. I would recommend Janet without hesitation.”
Lisa B.

“I visited Janet a month ago at Slim and Detox for my first ever body wrap. The results were great. In conjunction with a Bentonite clay cleanse that I am doing I went in for a MIGUN Massage and then a wrap in the in Infra red sauna blanket to flush out the toxins. The location is private and very peaceful. I would highly recommend this place.”
Victoria R.

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