Transdermal Body Wraps

One Wrap$99
Three Wraps$249
Six Wraps$459
Ten Wraps$699


One Wrap$119
Three Wraps$327
Six Wraps$579
Ten Wraps$899
Learn about these popular inch loss wraps here.

Far Infrared Sauna Wrap

One 50-Minute Session$49
Two 50-Minute Sessions$89
Three 5o-Minute Sessions$119
Learn about this no-fuss, detoxifying wrap here.

Body Wrap Add On Services

These services are available with the purchase of our transdermal body wraps:.
Add On ServicesPrice
Far Infrared Sauna Wrap $25
Detox Foot Reflexology$30
35-Minute Jade Thermal Massage $20

The addition of the Far Infrared Sauna Wrap to either of our transdermal wraps enhances your results. The pores are wide open after the Far Infrared Sauna Wrap. Since the products work by penetrating the skin, the impact of the formulas used is intensified. Due to the warming nature of the body wraps and the fact that perspiration will prevent penetration of product into the skin, we limit the Far Infrared Sauna Wrap as an add on to 30 minutes. It can be enjoyed before either body wrap. Read about the many well-studied benefits of our Far Infrared Sauna Wrap here.

Session packages never expire. We keep track of your usage in our scheduling system.