Food Combining Can Make a Difference

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When done correctly, food combining has been shown to assist with digestion, improve health and also aid with weight loss. Once learned, the principles are straight forward and easy to follow – especially for people committed to eating a clean, healthy diet. In a nutshell, food combining can be defined as eating certain categories of foods either together or separately. The goal is to optimize the good health that comes from specific food combinations.

Food Combining Principles

  • Consume protein ONLY with low-starch veggies, greens,  sprouts and pre-digested foods, e.g. fermented foods
  • Always eat melon by itself
  • Fruit should only be eaten by itself or with greens. So fruit on salad? Go for it!
  • Don’t drink different types of liquids together. Drinking water? Stick to that alone. Drinking a fermented grain beverage like Rejuvelac? Drink only that.
  • Dense starches should only  be consumed with greens, sprouts,  veggies and pre-digested foods

Food Combining Benefits

Weight Loss – since the body can better digest food when consumed in the right combination – or alone – more of it is eliminated through digestion. The body metabolizes food more efficiently. There is less food that is converted to and stored as fat.

Increased Energy –  When the body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest food, there is more energy for other bodily functions like exercise,  reading, playing with your kids and so on.

Reduced Bloating and Gas – When the body gets bloated and or becomes gassy  after a meal, it is telling you something is amiss. Correctly combining foods according to the principles above will  reduce the discomfort that comes with gas and bloating caused by improper digestion.

Anti – Aging – The better the body can digest food, the better the nutrition (provided the foods are healthy to begin with). The more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc the body absorbs,  the better able it is to fight the aging process. This shows up as improved eyesight, less joint pain and  healthier hair, skin and nails.

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