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March 25, 2017
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One of the people I follow on YouTube is Kristina Carrillo-Bucharam of Fully Raw Kristina. She is a raw foodie and puts out some great videos with great information. Recently she posted a video about how her eyes change color over time by eating fully raw. This blog post is a summary of her video, which I encourage you to watch.

Kristina Carrillo

Eyes change colors with a raw diet


Before Kristina went raw eight years ago, she was hyperglycemic and had eyes that were a very dark, café brown color. Now, eight years later, her eyes are almost a completely different color. They have changed to a hazel color with an almost honey lining around the iris and they are actually starting to turn blue. It sparked her curiosity when she went raw to know that her eyes were changing color. Why would this be?   She went to an iridologist so she could find out what was going on not just with her eyes, but also within her body.

Kristina believes you can actually not only see your soul, but the clearness and the clarity of your eyes actually reflects how clean your body is on the inside. This is interesting because when you think of all the toxins in the body and all the things you are consuming daily you can actually see that reflected in your body through your eyes.  Kristina grew up eating a very, very poor Latin American and Lebanese diet and she ate a lot of fat. She was very constipated her whole life and having one bowel movement a week was normal. The iridologist explained to her that our colons are literally 31 1/2 feet long and our health begins in the colon. When we have very clogged colons, when we have toxicity in our body, when we are constipated, when things are not moving through our system, we become stuffed up. Toxins build up in the colon. If we’re not eliminating regularly, then we see all of that toxicity, all of that gunk through our eyes.

When she started eating raw, she of course started having more bowel movements because naturally eating more fiber, all of the gunk gets flushed out of your system. The longer that she was raw, the more she noticed that her eyes went from a dark brown color to a light brown color and eventually started turning hazel. Then, after turning hazel, the only thing that is left nearly brown is the honey around her iris. If you look closely at her eyes they’re turned speckled and you can see every different color in them,  especially when she’s sitting in the sunshine.

What Kristina finds very cool about this is that there are parts in your eye that are directly reflective of parts of the body including the colon. The cleaner you become the cleaner your eyes become. The cleaner your body becomes you can actually see it not only in your eyes but you can feel it and you can see it in your soul. How beautiful l is that? When they say you are what you eat, a clean body actually reaps a clean view of the world. It changes your perception of things; it changes every little part of you. Not only are you becoming more beautiful on the outside, you’re feeling more beautiful from the inside.

While many people know that eating raw changes you physically, and you look better with your body physically, they don’t actually think you look more beautiful. You feel beautiful on the outside and you shine that beauty through your soul through your eyes – amazing! People ask her how her eyes changed color and the answer is simple.  She ate fully raw and allowed her body to cleanse itself naturally. All of the toxins were flushed out through all of the fiber in the foods and all of the colors in the foods actually made her feel more colorful. Color is apparent not only in her eyes but in the way she lives her life. You can tell when you look in someone’s eyes if they’re happy or not and if they have a clean body and a clean spirit. She has seen these changes progressively over time and is curious to see if they continue to change color and if they turn bluer. Eating fully raw helps Kristina to not only feel better, but to feel cleaner and to feel more beautiful all the time. She has seen her body change from being sick and weak to being vibrant and healthy.

While eating fully raw can be a challenge for most people and requires a commitment to the lifestyle, eating more raw foods can only help. Raw foods hands down have more fiber than processed and cooked foods and fiber is your friend! It is one of the key ways to keep your hard waste system moving and in order. Let us know what your favorite raw food is in the comments box below and what changes you’ve noticed in your body!

Watch the full video here.

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