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Recently, coconut oil was featured on The Dr. Oz Show in an episode about miracles that help to fight fat, insomnia and take years off your life. The fat fighting miracle he’s discovered is coconut oil. He highlighted three ways this often-disparaged tropical oil helps with weight loss. Dr. Oz says it can help you lose weight, treat skin conditions, ulcers and more. In all fairness, many people that have long been into natural health have known about the benefits of coconut oil. We’re just glad a mainstream celebrity is now sharing the good word about this amazing gift from nature. This post is a loose transcript of the information covered in that episode.


Multi-Purpose Goodness

Like many of nature’s sources of health and wellness, coconut oil has been used for centuries as a staple in tropical diets beyond cooking and eating. Indigenous cultures have, for thousands of years used the coconut – and especially its oil – heal. One of the characteristics of coconut oil that makes is so powerful is that it’s loaded with antioxidants. Mainstream consumers have used coconut oil as a moisturizer and also as a hair conditioner. FINALLY, science is catching on to the super powers of coconut oil when taken internally. Where there once was none, there is a now a lot of exciting new research about coconut oil.

We often think of oils as being in liquid form, but coconut oiI is hard at room temperature and becomes soft when heated. It melts at a mere 75°, meaning it can melt on a hot summer day in the pantry! Unlike the majority of other oils, coconut oil has a high smoke point. This means that the oil maintains its integrity and molecular structure, even when subjected to high heat, such as when cooking. For this reason, it should become your go-to oil in the kitchen. Not only that, it adds a delicious, subtle flavor to foods cooked in it.

How Coconut Oil Fights Fat

Feel Full Longer

The first health benefit Dr. Oz cites is weight loss. Coconut oil helps you feel full for a long time and is satiating (which is true of all fats). This means you will naturally feel full for much longer since the stomach tells the brain “you’ve had enough”. Both coconut oil and olive oil have 119 calories and 13 grams of fat per tablespoon but for its fat-fighting properties, it’s better choice where appropriate. Coconut oil has gotten a bad reputation because it’s a saturated fat, characteristically solid at room temperature. Dr. Oz referenced a study of people that regularly include coconut oil in their diet. The study found that they consumed on average 60 fewer calories per day. Over a year, that’s 6 pounds of weight loss by simply including coconut oil instead of other sources of fat in the diet.

 Stoke Metabolism

The second way Dr. Oz says coconut oil helps to fight fat is it fires up the body’s metabolism. Traditional fats like vegetable oil, butter, margarine and lard take a long time to breakdown. It takes longer for these fats to finally light the flame of metabolism and burn through the calories eaten, including the fat consumed. On the other hand, coconut oil is uniquely metabolized. It goes straight to the liver and starts burning calories and stokes the body’s metabolism very quickly. Without realizing it, the body will have gotten rid of (burned off) the fat from coconut oil. Dr. Oz mentioned another study where women were given 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day and – it changed their metabolism! The women began to lose weight.

Fat Storage in the Body

The third way Dr. Oz says it helps to lose weight is that it’s a fat that doesn’t like to be stored as fat. Unlike coconut oil, the calories from other fats typically get stored as fat. Quite simply, not all fats are created equally. By contrast, butter almost entirely turns to fat, resulting in weight gain. Less than half of the fat consumed when eating coconut oil turns to fat in your body because it is burned off much more quickly. This makes coconut oil a very efficient way to get calories that are not going to pack on the pounds. Coconut oil will give you energy, butter will make you fat, according to Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz’s Tips

  • Try using 2 tablespoons per day of coconut oil in place of other fats. The idea is to replace in moderation and do NOT consume more than two tablespoons per day.
  • Make sure you use virgin coconut oil, which is the highest quality available.
  • Avoid any oil – including coconut oil – that has partially hydrogenated ingredients in it, as these can lead to transfats, which increase the risk of coronary heart disease, among other negative health consequences.


If you’ve never tried coconut oil, these are compelling reasons to give it a try. It’s likely you’re used to the sweetened coconut in coconut cream pie or coconut cake. Real coconut oil has a much subtler and palatable flavor, especially if you don’t like overly sweet flavors. Coconut oil is widely available in natural food stores and is very inexpensive, not to mention vegetarian. And don’t forget, the very same jar you buy at the store can be used as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. Let us know what you think once you’ve tried it!






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