Lose Inches, Tighten and Tone Skin and Reduce Cellulite

Since 2012 we have been offering slimming and detox body wraps. Clients experience permanentinch loss, reduction of the appearance of cellulite and tightened and toned skin. The results are permanent because they are the result of detoxification. How long the results last is up to you. Those with a healthy lifestyle that includes a clean diet and regular exercise have the longest lasting results. The slower you fill your body back up with toxins, the longer you’ll see the results.

Women Weight Loss

Additional  Services

In addition to body wraps, we also have a Sunlighten Solo Sauna that can be used either before  a body wrap or alone. Sweating is an excellent way to detoxify the tissues. Recent research has found that different toxins are found in perspiration than in urine or feces. It also increases circulation, which is great for aches and pains as well. Far-infrared sauna penetrates the skin more deeply than traditional sauna. It is used more now in cancer treatment and other medical therapy centers because of its benefits.

We also have two Migun Jade Thermal Massage tables. This add on  can be enjoyed during detox body wraps.  It is a 35-minute therapeutic massage that focuses on the spine and the back of the legs.

For clients that want to fully stimulate all  the detoxification systems of the body, we offer foot reflexology. This is not traditional foot massage.  No oil or creams are used.  For 30 minutes, key reflex points in the feet are stimulated with  the focus on the organs  and systems of detoxification.  These include the liver, kidney, spleen, skin, sinuses and lymphatic system. Clients can request work be done on other areas of the body where they may be experiencing symptoms. Like the jade thermal massage, reflexology can be done during our detox body wraps.